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  • Simple hammering, chiseling, drilling and tightening of concrete and stone-the drilling rig is powered by an 18 volt LXT lithium-ion battery and a powerful custom motor, which can provide up to 1000 RPM, 4000 BPM and 1.7 joules of impact energy. We support professional work, Examples are renovations and drilling holes in concrete foundations.
  • A powerful and high-quality brushless motor that improves drive time and durability-BL brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling BL motors to be used at lower temperatures, with higher efficiency and longer life. (Compatible with all Makita 18V lithium-ion batteries, such as BL1830, BL1840, BL1850, BL1860. The battery and charger must be purchased separately.)
  • [With 3 modes] Drilling mode: When drilling holes on iron or wood, set it to the drilling mode. It becomes "spin". Use iron drills or woodworking drills as drill bits. Hammer mode: When shredding or crushing, set to switch the hammer mode. It becomes a "hit". Please use a flat chisel as a tool. Hammer drilling method: When drilling holes in the stone, set the switch rotation + percussion rod. It becomes "spin + hit" (hammer drill mode). Use cemented carbide drill bits as drill bits.
  • Compared with hammer drills, hammer drills are particularly suitable for concrete, stone and masonry due to their low hammer rate and high impact force.
  • Portable, light weight, and easy to use The wireless portability makes it very suitable for outdoor use, and it can also be carried out of the field and used in and around the house. Battery-powered drilling rigs are ideal for work, especially in small spaces. Even in difficult tasks, the rotary hammer can provide a high level of performance.

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