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  • ELECTRIC PICK AND ELECTRIC DRILL FUNCTION: According to your task, press the orange button to the right or left to select the Electric pick hammer or drill function.3 in 1 Hammer Drill is suitable for drilling holes in doors and windows, installing lights, TV furniture, etc.
  • BRUSHLESS HAMMER DRILL: 3 in 1 Hammer Drill adopts a new type of brushless motor, no need to replace the brush, convenient, less friction, less heat dissipation, and long service life
  • 0-1000RPM:Rotate the speed control gear, you can set the required speed according to your work; the lock button can lock the speed, release your hand to reduce fatigue
  • 360°ROTATING HANDLE: the side handle can be rotated 360 degrees, which can easily work in any position; the depth gauge is fixed on the drill bit to provide accurate drilling depth
  • ANTI-VIBRATION HANDLE: It can handle hard work easily and ensure a firm hand during drilling and chiseling. The ergonomic handle and auxiliary handle have a soft touch and can be held firmly and firmly

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