Manoch Electric Gas Demolition Jack Hammer 52cc Concrete Breaker Punch Drill Jackhammer Engine Type:Two-stroke, Air Cooled,Single Cylinder Max. Power & Speed:1900W&6500r/mini Fuel Tank Capacity:1.3L

An ideal choice for more demanding jobs * Powerful petrol engine for excellent working performance * Lightest weight, lowest displacement * Superior cooling vents for prolonged use and smooth running * Offering a high degree of flexibility without cable
* Double-handle with soft rubber provides extra control * V-linear body reduces vibration for stable operation * Fast digging and powerful chipping * Accurate thumb throttle control * 52cc power unit allows for maximum demolition force * Fast digging and powerful chipping
Multipurpose & Practical Chisels and Pro Accessories Kit * Flat chisel : precise correction work in concrete and breakthroughs in masonry * Point chisel : light demolition and correction work in concrete, breakthroughs in masonry * BONUS pair of goggles, pair of gloves, mask and other accessories
Recommended for Suitable for chiseling works on concrete, brick, stone and asphalt Can be used to crashing project in road-building, electric power, telecom, telecom, and cable; ditch these kinds of crashing work.
Package Includes 1 XPetrol Jackhammer 2 XChisels 1 XScrewdriver 1 XScrewdriver Sleeve 1 XPair of Goggles 2 XWrench 3 XAllen Keys 1 XOil Tank 1 XFilter 1 XMask 1 XTool Bag 1 XPair of Gloves 1 XFunnel 1 XEar Muff 1 XUser Manual

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