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  • SAFE AND STURDY - Equipped with a retainer buckling in the rear part of chisels, preventing from dropping out from the front cover and causing hazard and bodily injury; Simply swing the retainer to the back and you can easily detach the chisels.
  • ANTI-VIBRATION HANDLE - The anti-slip rubber handle which greatly enhances friction and absorbs vibration allow you have fully control of the hammer with comfortable grip at the same time.
  • ROTARY HAMMER DRILL - Perfect for tough tasks such as demolishing brickwork, removing plaster, taking off tiles and digging out old grouting. The drill is powered by an impressive motor, making it suitable for drilling into materials including masonry, wood and metal.
  • FLEXIBLE SWIVEL HANDLE - Adjustable 360 degree side handle and ergonomic D-grip handle for comfort and control. Rotating swivel lock handle can be detached or re-positioned for better utilization.
  • EASY USE - It can be used to destroy concrete sidewalks and drills, remove asphalt, dig clay to dig trenches for underground lawn sprinklers, dig old bush stumps and drive earth rods. The shipment is delivered locally in the United States, and the transportation time is short.

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