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  • 1. Insepecting the tool Since use of a dull tool will cause motor malfunctioning and degraded effeciently, when it replace with a new or without delay when abrasion is noted.
  • 2. Inspecting the mounting screws Regularly inspect all mounting screws and ensure that they are properly tightened. Should any of the screws be loose, retighten them immediately. Failure to do so could result in serious hazzard.
  • 3. Maintenance of the motor The motor unit winding is the very heart of the power tool. Exercise due care to ensure the winding does not become damaged and/or wet with oil or water
  • 4. Inspecting the carbon brushes The motor employs carbon brushes which are consumable parts. When they become worn to or near wear limit, it could result in motor trouble. When an auto-stop carton brush is equipped, the motor will stop automatically. At that time, replace both carbon brushes with new ones which have the same carbon brush Nos, shown in the figgure.
  • In addtion, always keep carbon brushes clean and ensure that they slide freely within the brush holders. Replacement steps: The carbon brush can be removed by removing the cap cover, cap rubber and brush cap in that order at the interior.

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