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  • 【Higher Energy】 Impact speed (BPM): 1900bpm is the more prominent impact speed among the current 2700W similar products, impact energy: 60J, our Electric Demolition Jack Hammer is very powerful and robust in terms of power.
  • 【Complete Accessories】 Catinbow took into account the various needs of customers, and added a sharp chisel and a flat chisel 1.2*15.7inch each in the package, 3 inner hex, 1 large wrench, ordinary white glasses, A pair of pigskin gloves, oil can, carbon brush One payment, instructions.
  • 【Double Handle and Stable Drill】 In order to be more adaptable to the field work, we have realized the design of quick-change drill bit and is more stable, as shown in the figure. The 360° adjustable dual handles increase the stability of the Demolition Hammer and improve work efficiency.
  • 【Features of Electric Pick】 The design is beautiful in appearance, with a fuel cap, a heat dissipation buckle, a dust-proof bottom and a double shock-proof design. It is ergonomically considered in all aspects, and 110V meets most voltage requirements.
  • 【Application and Distribution】 It can be used to destroy concrete sidewalks and drills, remove asphalt, dig clay to dig trenches for underground lawn sprinklers, dig old bush stumps and drive earth rods. The shipment is delivered locally in the United States, and the transportation time is short.

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2700W 1900 BPM
13.4 Inches
7.9 Inches
29.5 Inches

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